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Moroni’s America-Maps Edition; 140 Book of Mormon Maps, in North America

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Temporarily out of Stock! New version with 10 new maps will be available the end of March 2018. 140 Maps of The Book of Mormon in North America (8×10 size Coil bound for easy access)

Written by Rian Nelson and edited by Jonathan Neville author of Moroni’s America

“This book of maps, art, information and diagrams was inspired by the wonderful book by Jonathan Neville titled “Moroni’s America.” I was first taught and inspired about the Heartland Theory by my great friend Rod Meldrum. I want others to know
that the spiritual messages of the Book of Mormon are far more important than the geography. But I also believe the historical accuracy is critical to my full comprehension of the “most correct book” on the earth. Most agree that the Garden of Eden, Adam-Ondi-Ahman, and Cumorah were located in North America, and we know, “(the New Jerusalem) will be built upon the American continent” AF 10. It “just makes sense” that the Book of Mormon history occurred in these great United States of America.

Follow the detailed journey of maps showing Lehi in Florida, Nephi in Tennessee, Mosiah in Missouri and Iowa, Captain Moroni in Illinois and Indiana, and the Savior’s visit to the Nephites in Ohio. Learn how the River Sidon is the Mississippi River of today. See the final battles of Mormon and Moroni near the Hill Cumorah. This will make your reading of the Book of Mormon come alive as you now can visualize the possible geography of the Nephites in North America.

Maps were created by utilizing information from Jonathan Neville, Rod Meldrum and Wayne May. The main pin on the map is the only Hill Cumorah (D&C 128:20), in upstate New York. The next pin on the map is Zarahemla, across the river from Nauvoo. (D&C 125:3) Two other important keys on the map are the letter that Joseph Smith wrote to Emma, Jun 4, 1834 HERE, and the Vision Joseph Smith had of the White Lamanite Zelph, HERE. These keys with added archaeological verification , BofM text, geological surroundings, and common sense, lead us to believe the Book of Mormon events took place in the Heartland of Moroni’s America in the United States of America.

Questions, Contact Rian Nelson at 801-931-9031 or riannelson@aol.com or visit his website at worksofjoseph.com

See examples of the beautiful maps below:


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