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Before the World Finds Out by Jonathan Neville


Before the World Finds Out-Novel by Jonathan Neville -242 pages

Paul Rivers is flying to important business meetings in Mumbai, India. His flight transfers in Inchon, Korea, where he runs into a guy he knew 23 years previously. Tony Franklin isn’t the last person Paul ever wanted to see again. But he’s close.

Paul and Tony were Mormon missionaries in France. For Paul, that was another lifetime. One he’s mostly forgotten.

Tony and his wife are heading for Cambodia on a secret mission they don’t seem to want to talk about. The less they say, the more curious Paul becomes. What he learns will change the world.

In all ages of the world, people have asked big questions about the nature of reality and the purpose of existence. Religions, philosphers and scientists offer answers that satisfy some people but not others.

There are two ultimate questions: Does truth exist?
Can I come to know it?

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