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Our contributing artists have combined in creating brand new art all about the Heartland. This new art has been created to help bring others to Christ. We believe that North America is the Promised Land and we have the responsibility to share the gospel with others. Ken Corbett has created three art pieces about Zelph, and the Plains of the Nephites. Kendra Burton has done some amazing work with the Savior appearing to and serving the Nephites of North America. Brooke Malia Mann has created a wonderful map sharing information about locations of events and cities that are possible as sites in the Book of Mormon. Each of these paintings is available to purchase as a beautiful Giclee or as prints.

5×7″ $1; 8×10″ $2; Giclee from $30 to $70 (Fine Canvas Prints from 16×20″ to 24×36″

Just call Rian Nelson at 801-931-9031 or email at riannelson@aol.com

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Christ Visits the Nephites in America’s Heartland” by Kendra Burton

“I, Nephi, did Build a Temple” by Ken Corbett

“Mormon, ‘Carried by my Father… to the Land of Zarahemla.’ Mormon 1:6”

“North America, a Land of Promise” by Brooke Malia Mann“Plains of the Nephites” by Ken Corbett
“Zelph, a Man of God” by Ken Corbett
“Zelph in Vision” by Ken Corbett


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