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Jehovah’s Holy Days in the Heartland of North America by Amberli Nelson (DVD)

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One of the most profound new evidences of the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland!  Hebrew Symbology expert Amberli Nelson spent over 20 years researching the importance of essential items in living of the Law of Moses, as was strictly observed by the Nephites.  Sheep, goats, barley, grapes, lunar calendaring and more were critical to obeying those laws.  Where were these found anciently in the Americas? This highly anticipated DVD presentation is a “must see” for all LDS!

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Amberli Nelson – Jehovah’s Holy Days in the Heartland of North America – 85 minutes

This incredible DVD is dedicated to the exploration of the idea that the law of Moses and its’ “strict observance” among the Nephites provides a valuable key in identifying Book of Mormon lands.  The near complete lack of essential animals, plants and cultural evidences in Mesoamerica make North America the most probable location of the Book of Mormon due to its having an abundance of these requisite plants and animals essential to keeping of the law of Moses, both symbolically and literally.

The Purpose of the Presentation is Threefold:


To establish that not only did the Nephites keep the Law of Moses “strictly” but that they did so with delight as it was seen and used by them as both a type of Christ and a means of coming unto HIM.


In “observing to keep the commandments of the Lord in all things, according to the Law of Moses” (2nd Ne. 8:10) the Nephites would have necessarily observed all 7 yearly feasts or “holy convocations” as given by Jehovah to Moses and recorded in Exodus and Leviticus.


It is absolutely essential for the Lords covenant people, the Lehites, to be brought to a land rich with an abundance of all the plants and animals that are necessary to keep the Law of Moses. The Lord is not keen on accepting substitutions.

In this presentation, Amberli compiles a list of 10 essential items needed by a Mosaic Law abiding people and explains that not only that has each item been found in the archaeological record of North America, but where it’s been found.  Her research invokes a new line of thought which builds a compelling case that the Heartland of North America is the only plausible location in the western hemisphere capable of supporting a Mosaic Law abiding population.  Thus demonstrating once again that the Heartland of North America is the ONE and ONLY suitable proposed location for the promised and covenant lands of the Book of Mormon.

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