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Newark Holy Stone Replica – The Keystone


The Newark Holy Stones were recovered in 1860.  The first stone was called the “Keystone” due to its shape.  Ancient Hebrew is inscribed on all four sides and translates to: “The Holy of Holies, The Law of God, The King of the Earth, The Word of the Lord.”  The original stone is in the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum, Coshocton, Ohio.  The replicas are all hand made so each one is unique.  Click the icon for photos and history. While supplies last.


These replicas are beautifully recreated in a special composite material that makes it durable and heavy enough so that it feels much like the actual stone.  The museum hand makes every replica and it is a time consuming process with many steps.  The detail is wonderful and each one varies somewhat from all others.  Color on the replica’s can range somewhat, especially on the keystone.

Rod Meldrum purchased these replicas from the museum to make them available to our customers.  The museum’s website gift shop offers the stones for $50 which includes shipping.  We are offering the stones for $45 each and they can be included with your order to reduce shipping costs.  For the story behind the stones click HERE.


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