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Out of Captivity by Charles Allen (Book)


Out of Captivity tells the story of the Pilgrims and Puritans as they came forth 'out of captivity' to establish a new nation wherein the gospel of Jesus Christ could be brought forth.  The amount of documentation is astonishing and Susan Easton Black, Professor of Church History at BYU exclaimed that this is “…a book whose time has come!”  Also check out Charles Allens NEW BOOK  “Journey of Promise“!


Out of Captivity tells the story of the Reformation in Europe—especially as it relates to England—including the Pilgrims’ quest for religious freedom and the Puritans’ desire to follow Christ.  This story of sacrifice is a saga of courage amid centuries of religious upheaval. It is a story filled with timeless examples of the love of God, even during the darkest time of the Dark Ages, all in preparation for the restoration of the gospel in the latter days.  The details of each character portrayed in Out of Captivity create a unique story that is a must reading for patriotic Latter-day Saints.  Hats off to Allen for researching and writing such a marvelous work!”

–Susan Easton Black, Ph.D.

Professor of Church History, Brigham Young University

“This book, Out of Captivity, reflects a detailed and well-researched look at the stirrings of men and women in Europe and England who sought religious freedom.  As a documentary filmmaker, I have been interested in the detail and insight of this story.  It has helped me on two different films that I am producing for PBS Television.  My hat is off to Charles W. Allen, who has tackled this story with a passion, born of blood heritage as well as from a spiritual quest to bring these details to light.  It truly is a remarkable piece of work, especially for those who value the prologue to the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

–Lee Groberg, Groberg Communications

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