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The American Covenant Vol. I – Discovery Through Revolution by Timothy Ballard (Book)

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The key to understanding the deep, spiritual connections between Heaven and America is found  in an ancient promise from the God who created this nation.  It is found in The American Covenant. Volume I explores the gospel-rich history of America from the discovery through the Revolution. Volume II takes the reader through the making of the Constitution, through the tragedy of the Civil War, and on to the present day.

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“An absorbing read into the nature of the American Covenant, how the world’s history, with its many philosophical and religious movements, serves to inform and sometimes define the Restoration that crowns the Covenant. This book compels honest scholars to open their minds and hearts to the cumulative effect of history on the Restoration…. Rather than being some new religion revealed by an angel and taught by a prophet, Mormonism is actually the crowning achievement of a long historical record. By rereading American history in light of the Restoration, Ballard has given readers a clear path to follow in understanding just how God has guided history, resulting in the ushering in of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.”
-Jeffrey Needle, Book Review Editor, The Association for Mormon Letters

“Tim Ballard’s The American Covenant is an inspiring and thought-provoking work that will cause Latter-day Saints to think more profoundly about their role in America’s destiny, and better understand America’s place in God’s plan. The American Covenant will stir any God-fearing patriot to reflect anew on the divine origin and destiny of this remarkable nation.”
-Mayor Mike Winder, author of Presidents and Prophets: The Story of America’s Presidents and the LDS Church.



In this first volume of the anticipated 2 volume set  by  Author Timothy Ballard , you will come to a profound understanding of the true and eternal purpose of America.  Witness ancient prophecies and promises of God’s glorious plan for his children on His Promised Land of America, the United States.  This nation is a pivotal and essential part in God’s plan of salvation for his children in providing freedom for self-determination.

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