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The Lost Civilizations of North America by Steven Smoot (DVD)



The Lost Civilizations of North America is a powerful and exciting new DVD documentary film that provides answers to the questions of why Americans have never heard of the tremendous and highly advanced civilizations that existed anciently in North America and how theories of their origins have been disregarded and their legacy wantonly destroyed out of place and time by scientific and political agendas. – 63 minutes



Award winning filmmaker Rick Stout in corroboration with producers Steve Smoot and Barry McLerran have produced one of the most powerful documentary films ever produced about the ancient Hopewell civilization that existed near the time of Christ in North America.

Was there a highly advanced civilization in North America anciently?

Why has information about it been hidden for centuries?

We have anxiously awaited the re-release of this paradigm shattering new documentary.  With more than a dozen non-LDS archaeologists, anthropologists, museum directors, geneticists, historians and Native Americans, The Lost Civilizations of North America is an incredibly powerful and compelling film that finally answers the question of why most Americans have never heard about the tremendous, highly advanced civilization that once existed anciently on the North American continent and why theories about its origins have been deliberately and systematically erased from American history. Few know about these ancient peoples who had a written language (Hebrew), built roads, used metals to make headplates and breastplates, and knew mathematics and astronomy corresponding with Egyptians and Mediterranean peoples.  Most astoundingly, they also had DNA which also links them with these Old World populations as well.

Take a moment and watch the video trailer of this fundamentally important film for all those interested in learning about and finding evidences for the Book of Mormon as a literal historical record of real people, places and events. You will be astounded at the level of new evidences that exist in support of its truthfulness!

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