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The Mystic Symbol by Henriette Mertz

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The Mystic Symbol: Mark of the Michigan Mound Builders, by Henriette Mertz. Originally published posthumously by Herbert Mertz, her son and printed by Global Books of Gaithersburg, Maryland in 1986.  This edition is newly published by Ancient American Magazine, in conjunction with Herbert Mertz, printing by Hayriver Press, Colfax, WI.  For photo's see the Product Gallery.



he Mystic Symbol: Mark of the Michigan Mound Builders was written by attorney Henriette Mertz over the course of 30 years of research into ancient artifacts from the Ohio and Mississippi river valleys numbering into the tens of thousands and found in mounds and caves that have astounding  Judeo-Hebrew and Phoenician characters and writing depicting biblical stories, and deity being crucified on a cross!  These highly controversial stones, copper and slate plates, and implements have been summarily dismissed as ‘fakes’ and ‘forgeries’ by archaeologists for the sole reason that they ‘could not exist, therefore, they don’t’.  When you read this book, you will wonder how this information has been allowed to remain hidden for so long…until now.

The book has 275 pages of well researched and documented information as well as dozens of photographs of some amazing artifacts that are of special interest to those who take the inspired words of the Book of Mormon to be an actual historical document.

The table of contents follows:

Ancient stones

The Controversy

Michigan Relics

Michigan Copper Mines

Copper and the Keftiu

Ancient Pathways

Christian Symbols

Pictorial Illustrations

Religious Art






Addendum which includes:

The Mystic Symbol Demystified

Complete Translation of a Michigan Clay Tablet

Michigan Sabbath Tablets

Michigan-Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Michigan Zodiac Tablet

Christ in North America?

Trashing America’s Politically Incorrect PreHistory

Michigan Relics: Art they Frauds?

Photographs: Michigan Artifacts and Tablets

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