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The Prophet Mormon, by David Lindsley (Art)


Renouned LDS artist David Lindsley, who created the painting of Joseph Smith that adorned the Church's Priesthood manual, has updated an iconic painting of Moroni surrounded by Book of Mormon related objects.  The original painting gave false impressions of a Mesoamerican Book of Mormon setting and Brother Lindsley has corrected them with a Heartland depiction.  For a list of the changes, click on the icon to the left!  This gorgeous 11×14 print is only $20.00


David Lindsley, an often featured LDS artist with many incredible paintings to his credit, has repainted an updated version of the classic painting of Moroni surrounded by items from the Book of Mormon.  The earlier version, painted by Tom Lovell, incorrectly depicted Moroni in a Mesoamerican setting including Mayan architecture, stone floors, jeapard skin, a wooden club, jade wristband and feathered helmet among other such items.

David has given a more accurate depiction of Moroni in a Heartland setting, including a Hopewell home interior with an outside fall scene in the background, a buffalo skin, a Hebrew stripped rug, copper shield, steel sword, moccassins, slate tablets, a gorget, copper wristband, colored fabric clothing, and the Liahona on a wooden table.  This version is much more realistic and true to the actual location of the Book of Mormon, which all indications demonstrate to have been in the Heartland of North America.


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