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THIS LAND #3: They Came From the East by Wayne May (Book)

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This Land: They Came from the East by Wayne May.  A comparison of Nephite timeline with North America’s Hopewell culture of 500BC to 400AD with emphasis on traditions of eastern migration from the Atlantic. Published April 2004, Softcover, over 100 illustrations, 225 pgs. For photo's see the Product Gallery and for more information click on the thumbnail image at the left.


This is the third in a series of three books written by Wayne May on the subject of archaeology of the Book of Mormon.  It comes very highly recommended and has information vital to a more complete understanding of the Book of Mormon peoples. The book is 225 pages with many photo’s and illustrations.


They Came from the East

Indian Traditions and Their Oral History

Ancient Inhabitants of West Virginia

Joseph Smith Jr.’s Book of Mormon Lands

Earth, Wood and Copper, Building Materials of the Hopewell and Nephites

Geography, Archaeological Sites and Artifacts: Expanded detail for pages 130-131 with explanation and references

“Hebrasims” in North America

Michigan’s Controversial Tablets

Michigan’s Controversial Tablets Go Home

Michigan’s Mound Builders: Historical Background of the Soper-Savage Collection of Inscriptions and Photographs

American’s Forgotten Scripts

Michigan-Eqyptian Hieroglyphs

Now Let’s Look at the Source: The Book of Mormon

Concluding remarks

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