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Touring Book of Mormon Lands In North America by Wayne May (DVD)


Planning to take a Heartland Tour to the Book of Mormon sites in America's Heartland?  This DVD tour by Wayne N. May, publisher of Ancient American magazine, takes you to known Book of Mormon sites, such as the Hill Cumorah and Zelph's Mound, as well as dozens of other Hopewell Mound Builder civilization (Nephite) sites visited on our tours, with some bonus locations as well. 110 minutes, stunning video footage including “fly overs” of several sites!


See the archaeological sites of the Hopewell Culture that flourished in North America from 600 BC to 500 AD while sitting in the comfort of your own home.  Wayne May will be your guide on this tour of promising Book of Mormon lands here in North America, focusing on the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.  Most of the sites can be seen with touring companies but there are site in this presentation that touring companies do not see.  The Hopewell Culture has a parallel to the Book of Mormon time line that cannot be denied.  Come view the mounds earthen walls, ditches, and copper mines of the Hopewell.  See all these places that match the Book of Alma in the building of their cities and fortifications.  Then you will realize that the Hopewell people were as numerous as the Nephites according to the Book of Mormon.

Bonus Video: Tour Ohio’s earthworks from the air in this short video by Ryan Fisher.  You’ll see The Great Circle, Seip Mound, Mound City, and The Great Serpent Mound from a low altitude aerial perspective.

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