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Universal Model “New Millennial Science”

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Would you like information that may excite and amaze you? Did you know the earth’s core is water, not magma? Did you know petrified wood can be created in 36 hours with the right recipe? Did you know the Flood of Noah was Real and Universal, and most rocks on our earth are not older than the date of the flood? Did you know Dinosaurs lived during the time of Adam? The NEWLY RELEASED Volume I, 832-page college level text book about new scientific findings is here. (Volume II and III released later this year). Not just scientific theories, but over 30 new scientific laws. The author is Dean W. Sessions who has spent 27 years on this project. Rod Meldrum and others worked closely with Dean for 8 years and assisted in the new research.

Universal Model Summary. This 90-PAGE UM Summary is an Introduction to the Universal Model, a New Millennial Science. This book draws much of its text directly from the UM. The author introduces each topic in a simple and understandable format. Buy it separately for only $5.00 HERE

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August 17, 2017
“Wow!! What a book. It is the most fascinating book I’ve ever read. I only have 100 pages remaining and when I finish, I’m going to read it again. There is no doubt in my mind as to the truthfulness of the book. Sessions started with the pseudo magma foundation and proved the fallacy of the theory so everything else fell into place from there.
Everything I learned in college about geology is blatantly false.
I have made note of a few questions that one day perhaps, I will be able to ask Sessions about. Perhaps after my second reading, answers to these questions will be forthcoming.
Thank you once again, Sessions is beyond brilliant.”

Robert L. Mehl
Ridgway, Colorado
B.A., M.S., Geology


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