In the early 1800’s, the prophet Joseph Smith was commanded by God to preach to the descendants of the Lamanites who were living in the Ohio, Missouri and other areas in the heartland of the United States. Years later, in 1877, the St. George Temple registrar recorded the endowment work of many of the descendants of the Lamanites by temple president Wilford Woodruff and others. Many of the Indians in America possess the pure blood of Israel, as their Father Lehi and his family, who were Jews, came from Jerusalem in 600 B.C. and traveled to the Promised Land, America.They are believed to have landed in the United States, according to Hopewell dating, prophecies and many other cultural facts. The Hopewell Indian sites have been correlated with the Book of Mormon time-frame, and matches beautifully with the location and culture of these ancient people. Appropriate to this song, the land of Nephi correlates with the Hopewell areas in Tennessee. See evidences shown in the FIRM FOUNDATION, LDS ARCHAEOLOGY,, Mentors who have helped Kaye Starr Heninger with this project are professionals Rod Meldrum and Wayne May. This song was included in the program, “Songs of the Prophets” by Kaye Starr Heninger and won the Deseret Dramatic Arts award from the LDS Church.This song was sung by Angela Ortiz Smith and recorded by Dean Kaelin in 1991.