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The Lost City of Zarahemla – 2nd Edition (Book)


The Lost City of Zarahemla is destined to become one of the most important discoveries in church history in decades… the definitive answer to the question of Joseph Smith's knowledge of Book of Mormon geography and the origins of Central American theories.  An attorney, novelist, and careful scholar, Jonathan Neville has created a historical account that reads like a first-rate novel. Discover the 'smoking gun' of Book of Mormon geography…his name? Winchester. 362 pgs

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In March of 1841, the Prophet Joseph Smith received a revelation naming the area of Iowa across from Nauvoo as Zarahemla.  That same month, a man Joseph described as rotten at heart, who would injure the Church as much as he could, began a scheme to move Zarahemla to Guatemala.  His efforts culminated in an article in the Church’s Times and Seasons on 1 October 1842.  From that date until now, this man’s scheme succeeded.

Who was this man?  How did he succeed?  The answers were always there, waiting to be discovered.

The astonishing truth will reaffirm faith in Joseph’s leadership, refocus Book of Mormon studies, and renew the reader’s commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This book will likely become known throughout the Church as the historical documentation that ended speculations about the Book of Mormon lands being in Central or Mesoamerica. The foundations upon which these theories were based have are shown in this book to be those of men who would ultimately become apostates, rather than Joseph Smith, as has been claimed time and again by well-meaning, but misinformed individuals who thought they were defending Joseph, but were in fact defending an apostate supposition.

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