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Hidden Cities by Dr. Roger Kennedy (Book)

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Hidden Cities: The Discovery and Loss of Ancient North American Civilization – by Roger G Kennedy, former director of the Smithsonian's American History Museum, is one of the most profound books on the hidden archaeology of North America.  How and why was it hidden away for centuries and why is it important to the future of America?  Reprinted by The Free Press, New York after overwhelming demand for its powerful message.  372 page soft cover.

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Few realize that some of the oldest, largest, and most complex structures of ancient archaeology were built of earth, clay and stone right here in America, in the Ohio and Mississippi valleys.  From 6,000 years ago until quite recently, North America was home to some of the most highly advanced and well organized civilizations in the world – complete with cities, roads and commerce.”  – Dr. Roger Kennedy, Hidden Cities.

From the front cover…

The world of the first Americans was richer, greater, more wonderous by far than most of us have ever imagined or than most histories have ever even implied. The reader will move through his energetic, provocative survey by Roger Kennedy with continuing amazement.  A Splendid, vivid book.”  – David McCullough

From the back cover…

This book is going to astound people.  It is going to give them a past they have never imagined and challenge them to a future they have forgotten how to dare to dream.  It is a work of impeccable, implacable scholarship, but it is, even more, a work of mystery and redemption.”  – Michael Zuckerman, The University of Pennsylvania

Roger Kennedy’s latest project focuses his remarkable talents on a topic of fundamental significance to American society and, indeed, the American republic: a reassessment of the American experience so as to create a past that is at once authentic and usable to all of its peoples.  It is a challenging and unorthodox work in the best sense. ”  – D. W. Meinig, Syracuse University

Kennedy is at his best in Hidden Cities, a quite marvellous book.”  – C. Vann Woodward, Yale University

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