Book of Mormon Evidence Articles Index
Book of Mormon Evidence Articles Index
"Is there evidence for the Book of Mormon?" Millions have asked this question because the Book of Mormon is foundational to the Mormon faith - more accurately known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Claims have been made that there is no evidence that support its historical authenticity - or historicity.  The following articles are provided to demonstrate thr... [ read more ]
18th Book of Mormon Evidence Conference
Aug. 16, 2016

18th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference

Conference Focus: Only One Hill Cumorah - The American Covenant

20+ Presenters - 25+ Classes - 3 Education-packed Days




 Why the Changes from Expo to Conference?
As many of you remember, our fall event last year was held at the South Towne Expo Center where we had one of the five exposition halls while the Fall Homeshow had three and the Gluten Free Expo took the final (5th) hall.  Earlier this spring South Towne contacted us because the Gluten Free Expo was requesting an additional hall to expand their event.  Since we've been holding events there longer, we had the right of first refusal... but we would have to commit to taking the additional hall.  The cost of these halls are huge and we could not fill both halls as well as all their meeting rooms, which we need for the other tracks for our expo event.  So Gluten Free Expo took that weekend. 

Venue Challenges
As it turned out, no aproximate weekend had all the meeting rooms available and one hall.  We were left without a venue that can handle an event of our size and other venues in the region were either out of our budget range, or were booked.  There are only a handful of venues that can accommodate our event, so we have had to make some hard decisions about it.  We finally decided to forego the full expo and simply continue with our semi-annual Book of Mormon Evidence Conferences.

There are only 500 seats available at this conference.  Our last 6 events have had crowds averaging 3,500-5,500 attendee's so it is anticipated that this event will be sold out very quickly.  If you would like to attend, we strongly suggest registering now!  When the seats are gone, registration will close automatically and no further registrations can be accepted. Thank you for understanding.

Next Spring Expo
AND... we also want to announce that WE DO HAVE THE UCCU CENTER AT UVU in OREM RESERVED FOR NEXT SPRING, APRIL 6, 7, & 8TH AND IT WILL BE OUR BIGGEST EVER!  So please mark your calendars!

Articles & Information on the Heartland Geography
Nov. 21, 2015

"Is there evidence of the Book of Mormon's historicity?"

Millions have asked this question because the Book of Mormon is foundational to the Mormon faith - more accurately known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Many have wondered what evidence has been found in its support, as the book asserts to be a record of ancient peoples that came by ship from the Old World region of Israel to the America's where they developed into large and highly advanced civilizations with written language, walled cities, extensive roads, metal working, agriculture and a multitude of other sophisticated capabilities.

Claims have been made that there is no evidence to support its historical authenticity - or historicity.  This website is devoted to providing numerous ARTICLES, VIDEOS and other educational opportunities that demonstrate through archaeology, genetics, linguistics and many other fields that not only is there profound physical evidence for the validity of this ancient historical record, but that this evidence leads to further understandings of where this history actually took place, the role of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the importance of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Articles Index HERE - Video Gallery HERE.  

2016 Book of Mormon Heartland Tours !
Nov. 21, 2015

Make 2016 YOUR year for a Book of Mormon TOUR... of a lifetime!


Tour Group at Great Circle Earthworks

Book of Mormon Evidence "Heartland" Research Tours - 2016

Join the hundreds of LDS faithful who have experienced the ultimate in LDS educational touring with one of the "Heartland" geography's most knowledgable and enjoyable hosts... Book of Mormon geography expert, researcher, author and lecturer Rod MeldrumRod has teamed up with Legacy Tours and Travel to share wonderful opportunities to explore Heartland research together. 

See the full Schedule of 2016 Tours HERE.  

Quick View Shedule

Land Tours

June   2-5    4-Day  NEW! Book of Mormon Discovery Tour ("weekend" tour will sell out)

June   5-11    7-Day  Book of Mormon Evidence Tour (was Sold Out last year...don't delay!)

June   11-14    4-Day  NEW!  Branson, Missouri Showtime Extension (Don't miss out)

July 11-23   13-Day Church History & Pageants + Book of Mormon Evidence Tour (See it all!)

Sept 6-12   7-Day Book of Mormon Evidence Tour (Sold Out by July last year, so miss it!)

Oct. 10-23  13-Day NEW!! Chronology of the Book of Mormon Fall Foliage Tour! 

You'll begin your tour near Lehi's landing on the Gulf Coast, then travel northward, up to the land of Nephi in the Appalachian Mountains; then down into the land of Zarahemla - across from modern day Nauvoo.  You'll visit the possible site of Christ's visit to the temple in the land Bountiful in Ohio and view the valley of the final destruction of the Nephites from the top of the Hill Cumorah in New York, just as viewed by Moroni as he overlooked the awful scene of the extermination of his people!

To Be Announced - Rome, Italy Temple Open House and Land Tour of Italy!  

For "Heartland" Land Tours click HERE or call Legacy Tours and Travel directly at 877-221-5161 (Toll Free) or 801-683-0123

Firm Foundation Expo - April 7, 8 & 9, Orem, Utah
Feb. 5, 2016

Firm Foundation Expo & Conference

Click Image Above to Watch 30 Second TV Ad!

Featuring the 17th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference 

Book of Mormon Evidence - Emergency Preparedness - holistic Health & Wellness - Signs of Our Times - Science & Mormonism - Constitutional Studies -  Food Preservation - CAmping, Gardening & survival skills - FIrst Aid training - ancient symbolism - world events & Prophecy - discoveries in church history - utilizing essential oils - OVERCOMING ADDICTIONS - and MOre! 

70 Presenters - 156 Classes - 3 Education-packed Days





4,000+ attended the event Featuring the 17th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, the semi-annual event with exciting new evidence from multiple fields of study that the Book of Mormon history took place in the Heartland of America. 

Exploring The Book of Mormon In Americas Heartland
Nov. 21, 2015

The #1 Best-Selling book on the subject of Book of Mormon geography, with over 30,000 copies sold!  Author and researcher Rod L. Meldrum created the first 200+ page heirloom quality photographic journey of discovery into the exciting new "Heartland Model" geography!

Exploring The Book of Mormon In America's Heartland - A Visual Journey of Discovery.

This beautiful and powerful hardcover book has enjoyed huge success and is now in its 6th printing (30,000 copies)! It has been one of the most successful books in bringing people into the church, or helping them come back from inactivity... an amazing missionary tool to build faith and understanding of the restored gospel and its founding document, the Book of Mormon!

For more info including a history of the progress of the book click on its webpage HERE.

Exploring the BoM in America's Heartland 30 sec. video

Over 300 stunningly beautiful and informational photographs combine with research, quotes, stories, artifacts, maps and scripture to make this the ultimate book on Book of Mormon evidences based on the Heartland Model. Enjoy some of the book pages by clicking on the PHOTO GALLERY page HERE.

Exploring the BoM in America's Heartland pages

From the Garden of Eden and Adam-ondi-Ahman to the restoration of the Gospel and the New Jerusalem —the “Heartland” of America is the setting of sacred and significant events throughout human history. This photographic book introduces the growing body of evidence that offers the very real probability of a North American setting for The Book of Mormon.


This visually compelling new book has a suggested retail of $39.95. Compare with other books of similar quality at $45-$60.  To purchase, go to the BOOKSTORE or visit LDS Bookstores everywhere. Also available on and other retail book outlets online. 

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Oct. 1, 2010

Missionary Work Special Offers
Dec. 9, 2014

The Book of Mormon is the "keystone" of our religion.  Thus defending its truths and providing evidence for its reality is critical in establishing its authenticity.  While a testimony of its truthfulness is gained through a witness of the Holy Spirit, the book itself prophesies that there will be evidence to establish its physical truth as well.  How can one have faith in the spiritual aspects of the book if one cannot rely on the physical aspects?  We have found that the Heartland Model Geography has the power to answer many critical questions regarding the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon which has been shown to dramatically increase missionary success.

With that in mind, we are offering several missionary enhancing educational materials for super-deep discounts to help in missionary efforts.  These discounts have certain restrictions outlined on our MISSIONARY SPECIALS PAGE HERE. 

Firm Foundation Expo - Oct 8, 9 & 10, Sandy, Utah
Sep. 23, 2015

The Firm Foundation Expo & 16th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference was held October 8-10, 2015 at South Towne Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah!  With over 60 presenters conducting over 150 classes during this three day event, it was the biggest event of its kind.  The event featured the 16th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, our semi-annual event with exciting new evidence from multiple fields of study that the Book of Mormon history took place in the Heartland of America.

Visit  EVENT HOME PAGE  - See Speaker Profiles, Presentation Titles & Summaries - View the Speaker Schedule

Firm Foundation Expo - April 9-11, UVU, Orem, UT
Apr. 12, 2015

Firm Foundation Expo & 15th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference 

Held April 9-11, 2015 at Utah Valley Universities UCCU Events Center in Orem, Utah!  With over 60 presenters conducting over 130 classes during this three day event, it was, in a word, amazing!  Attendees experienced live performances, art unveilings, screenings of new films, television series, magazine project launches and more!  Registrations and at-the-door admissions indicate the expo to have well over 5,500 attendees!

 Visit the EVENT HOME PAGE.   

Printable Speaker Schedule.   Download the Expo Program.

What is the 5 DVD Book of Mormon Evidence series?
Sep. 1, 2010

The most exciting and comprehensive DVD series on Book of Mormon geography is available after over 2 years of gathering high-definition film footage, conducting interviews, and creating graphics that has taken 8 months of editing to complete.  You will experience this research like never before!  On location explanations, interviews with renowned filmmakers, artists, historians, and experts in several fields.  Over 9 hours of in-depth explanations and presentations that will have you saying like so many thousands of others, "Why didn't I know this before?"  This DVD series is being described as the most powerful evidence for the truthfulness and historicity of the Book of Mormon ever assembled by those who have previewed it. 

The 5 DVD disk series includes:

DVD 1; Prophecies and Promises; Promised Land Correlations with the United States of America

DVD 2; Joseph Smith; Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon Geography

DVD 3; DNA and the Book of Mormon; Rediscovering the Book of Mormon Remnant through DNA

DVD 4; Book of Mormon Correlations; Correlations between the Nephites and the Hopewell Civilization

DVD 5; The Heartland Geography; Mapping the Book of Mormon using the Heartland Geography

Each of the DVD's is approximately an hour an a half in length plus bonus features making them about 2 hours total viewing time per DVD.

You will see interviews with:

Elder Hartman Rector Jr., emeritus member of the First Quorum of the Seventy

Kieth Merrill, award winning filmmaker and writer and director of 'Legacy' and 'The Testaments'

Wayne N. May, author and publisher of Ancient American magazine

Bruce H. Porter Ph.D., author and LDS ancient linguistics scholar, CES director

Kay Godfrey, 30 year Joseph Smith period historian and Church History tour host

David Lindsley, renowned LDS artist and painter of Joseph Smith artwork on the current Church manual

Dr. Robert Fuller, owner of the Zermatt Resort, Midway Utah.

Charles Allen, author of Out of Captivity and Zelph Mound location researcher

Shirley Whitlock, 15 year president of Eagle Forum of AZ, Constitutionalist

James Bradley, foremost expert and author of The Eternal Perspective of Zion's Camp

Jon McNaughton, renowned LDS artist and painter of One Nation Under God

Jason Millward, LDS sculptor, creator of Visions of the Past and The Promised Land sculptures

Michael Bedard, painter of the restoration, Nauvoo, IL

Cal Christensen, long time resident and historian of old Nauvoo


Click on the film frame below to see the introductory trailer to the DVD series

DVD Series Trailer graphic


Visit the Video Gallery

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Upcoming Events
Coming Sept. 15, 16 & 17th
South Towne Expo Center, Sandy, UT
Make plans to attend the 18th Semi-Annual gathering of Book of Mormon researchers and enthusiasts exploring the Heartland Model geography. 
This event will be partially focused on the relevance of the Hill Cumorah in New York and the Book of Mormon. 
3 day event - 9am-9pm
Many well known and new speakers will be sharing powerful and inspirational presentations supporting the physical reality and truth of the Book of Mormon. 
For further information please be sure you are receiving our free email alerts, which you can sign up for by clicking HERE.
 Presenters are currently being selected and finalized. 

Come to the Rome, Italy Temple Open House in 2017 and a tour of ITALY!  Join former Milan, Italy missionary Rod Meldrum and his lovely wife, Tonya, to participate in and celebrate this momentous occasion...including a land tour of Rome, Venice, Pisa, Florence and Milan to witness the lands of the beginning of Christianity and the growth of the Church in this 'vinyard.'

 Pictural Book

Recent Events
Hidden in the Heartland Trailer 
Hidden in the Heartland TV Mini-Series aired on KJZZ-TV (channel 14 in Utah) for 6 weeks beginning Feb 21.
Watch a 5 minute video clip about Dixon Mounds Museum & 170,000 Sites in Illinois!
Watch the First Reinactment of Zelph's Mound Account from Hidden in the Heartland! 
Firm Foundation Expo & Conference 
Firm Foundation Expo
featuring the 17th International
Book of Mormon Evidence Conference held
April 7th-9th 2016
Utah Valley University
UCCU Events Center
Orem, Utah
- 3 Education-Packed Days
- 70 speakers
- 156 Classes
- Book of Mormon Research
     - Science & Mormonism
- Constitutional Studies
- Holistic Health & Wellness
- Issues of Our Day
- Emergency Preparedness

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The relationship between rational argument (evidence) and belief.

"Though argument does not create conviction, lack of it destroys belief.

What seems to be proved may not be embraced: but what no one shows the ability to defend is quickly abandoned.

Rational argument does not create belief, but it maintains a climate in which belief may flourish."

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