Jehovah’s Holy Days in the Heartland of N. America


“Every serious student of the Book of Mormon should become familiar with the Jewish cultural research of Amberli Nelson, who has brought together one of the most unique, significant and essential, yet never before considered, pieces to the puzzle of Book of Mormon geography research. 

 “The findings of Amberli Nelson will forever alter the landscape of Book of Mormon geography theories as she imparts of her years of intensive research into an area of study never previously brought to bear on the subject of locating these lands.

Why has this critically important understanding – which was reiterated by the ancient prophets more than 30 times in the text and has been right before our eyes – been missed, ignored or overlooked by Book of Mormon scholars for so long?

Prepare yourself to be blown away!”  – Rod Meldrum

Jehovas Holy Days in the Heartland

Do you love learning new and previously undiscovered truths about the Book of Mormon?  You are invited to enjoy this highly insightful video presentation on DVD (available in the bookstore) which will take you on a fascinating journey where you will learn three striking truths about the Nephites of the Book of Mormon, truths that indisputably confirm that their enigmatic history played out in the Heartland of North America!  What are these truths?

Jehovah’s Holy Days in the Heartland

by Amberli Nelson

3 Essential Truths about Nephite Observance of the Law of Moses

First Truth:

The Nephites “strictly” kept the Law of Moses as indicated in 37 verses in the Book of Mormon, (see Alma 30:3, Mosiah 13:29-30,Jarom 1:5) and they did so with delight as it was seen by them as both symbolic of Christ and a means of coming unto Him. Occasionally even the Lamanites were known to “strictly” observe the law (Hel. 13:1).

Second Truth:

In “observing to keep the commandments of the Lord in all things, according to the Law of Moses” (2 Ne. 5:10) the Nephites would have necessarily observed all the feasts or “holy days” given to Moses by Jehovah. These are recorded in Exodus and Leviticus and are known as “holy convocations”. You will learn how beautifully these “rehearsals” typify the life and mission of Jesus Christ.

Third Truth:

It was absolutely essential for these Jewish Lehites to be brought to and given a land that would provide an abundance of all the plants and animals necessary to keep the Law of Moses, with its concomitant Holy Days or celebrated festivals.

A list of 10 essential items required by every Mosaic Law abiding people are revealed in this compelling presentation.  Some of those essential items include lambs, goats, wheat and barley.  These have never been found in the archaeological record of the Maya in Mesoamerica yet, in stark contrast, each has been verified in the archaeological record of the ancient Mound Builder civilization which flourished in the Heartland of North America during Book of Mormon time frames.  Based on the latest archeological findings of this civilization, it can now be irrefutably shown that the Heartland of North America is the only location in the Western Hemisphere where all 10 essential items have been confirmed. Thus, this covenant and Promised Land is the only one capable of sustaining and enabling a Jewish population, such as the Nephites, to observe and honor their sacred rites and religion without being forced to use unauthorized substitutions that would have been utterly offensive to God. Learn about the symbolic significance of each of these 10 critical items in this inspirational presentation.

A Prophetic Warning to Latter Day America

Because this evidence, in concert with other overwhelming evidences from genetics, prophecies, archaeology etc, profoundly establishes that the lands now occupied by the United States of America are the only possible lands of the Book of Mormon, you will then, of necessity, come face to face with one of the most important and timely messages of the Book of Mormon — the ominous warning to us, the modern day Gentiles, who inhabit this sacred and Promised Land today.  It is only in THIS nation that the ancient prophetic warnings can be reconciled with the history and resultant destruction of the Jaredites, then later the Nephites, and finally the latter-day Americans according to 36 Book of Mormon prophecies about ‘this nation’ (read about these prophecies HERE or download an excerpt of the book Prophecies and PromisesHERE or purchase the entire book in our bookstore).

How is that you ask? Because, according to what we read in the sacred record, all ancient inhabitants of this Promised Land were subject to what has been termed the “American Covenant*.” Its promised blessings are repeatedly spelled out in the Book of Mormon; namely the blessings of a land, posterity, liberty, prosperity and protection (see 1 Ne. 2:20, 2 Ne. 1:7 and article). Those precious blessings are predicated upon the earnest fulfillment of two requirements: first, that the inhabitants keep the Ten Commandments and second, that they serve the God of the land. We learn from a careful study of the Book of Mormon that the Nephites ultimate demise was precipitated by their prideful abrogation of these two requirements.

In light of that truth, the express purpose of this DVD presentation is to provide, based on the clear and compelling evidence presented, another witness that the Heartland of North America is the actual location of the Book of Mormon as that fact becomes the central truth upon which the rest of this, most important discussion hinges. For it is the author’s strong belief that it is a monumental mistake to unwittingly assign the Book of Mormon civilizations to Mesoamerica or anywhere other than the United States of America, as some modern day students of the Book of Mormon assert. Doing so obscures and effectively negates the understanding of which nation is being warned. The very lessons to be learned by the swift and utter destruction of both the Jaredites and the Nephites are revealed for the benefit of that specified nation.

One of the central and paramount themes of the book is its historic instructions – a literal “how-to manual” – on avoiding the shared fates of those two destroyed civilizations. To persist down the erroneous path of misplaced geography ultimately reduces the reason for their self-sown demise to little more than a curious, inexplicable and totally unjustified tragedy, since in no other place but the sacred and covenant land of North America has there been established an “American Covenant” for them to break or keep. It is a covenant that inextricably bound them to the promised blessings, when kept, and condemned them to the terrible fate they met when broken.

In short, without the “American Covenant”- which is exclusive to North America, there is no adequate explanation for the spectacular rise and subsequent fall of those two civilizations or that of the United States of America in modern times. That fact, by extension, provides the necessary framework for a modern day understanding that we too, as citizens of this, the Promised Land, are under the selfsame obligations they were… Obligations which, if kept, will either secure divine protection from our Creator or provoke His divine wrath unto our utter destruction. It is a very timely and urgent warning about our near future that we ignore at our own peril!

A Covenant Land for a Covenant People, Providing All Essential Needs For Observance of the Law

Lastly, we must ask the question,

Would God have lead his covenant people to a Promised Land devoid of every essential animal and plant required by Him to obey his commandment to live the Law of Moses?

To place God’s chosen and covenant people anywhere but upon the covenant lands now occupied by the United States of America would have deprived these ancient civilizations of nearly every item required by the Lord in order for them to keep the Law of Moses.  To do so would not only bring the veracity of the sacred text itself into question, but it would undermine the credibility of Joseph Smith as its translator if the setting would not support compliance to the law. Furthermore it would cast a disparaging light & considerable doubt on the prescient premise embraced by the faithful Nephites who delighted in the knowing that the “law of Moses was a type of his coming”….”believing that they must keep those outward performances until the time that He should be revealed unto them.” For the “law of Moses did serve to strengthen their faith in Christ; and thus they did retain a hope through faith, unto eternal salvation,” (Alma 25:15-16).

Therefore, the time has come to acknowledge the righteous Nephites for their astoundingly unique and singular ability to fuse the principles and laws of Judaism with the doctrines and saving ordinances of the gospel of Jesus Christ, creating one seamless theological bridge between the two. This is an astonishing feat that had never been accomplished before that time or since, effectively making The Book of Mormon the only known text ever written that is neither exclusively Jewish nor Christian, but simultaneously both at the same time. This then gifts its readers with an insightful glimpse into the Jewishness of Jesus Himself and the Holy Days of Judaism which He authored, thereby providing precious perspective for us as Christians who long to know Him more fully and intimately as we strive with a brightness of hope toward the penultimate blessing of walking with Him through His millennial reign.

* For a fascinating and comprehensive explanation of Timothy Ballard’s The American Covenant” see the interview with Glenn Beck, watch the introduction video, or buy the two book series available in the bookstore.

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~Amberli Nelson


Amberli Nelson received a B.S. in sociology from Brigham Young University. A busy wife and mother of seven, Amberli has a deep and abiding love of truth, knowledge and greater understanding and therefore she thoroughly enjoys reading about and researching subjects she is most passionate about which include: sacred symbology, The Book of Mormon, early LDS church history, and Jewish religious customs, beliefs and traditions. She has become an expert on ancient Jewish practices, especially those involving the Laws of Moses.  She delights in sharing this knowledge with others and does so with energy and enthusiasm.


Amberli has discovered compelling new evidence that the ancient Hopewell Mound Builders may have been living the laws of Moses based on archaeological findings of the essential materials required for obedience to those laws.  Her incredibly powerful new presentation was a tremendous hit at our Spring 2012 National Conference and she has some incredible new information to share.  Her presentation is titled – Connections Between Jewish Family, Cultural and Religious Practises and Those of  the Ancient Hopewell Civilization.


Amberli is also very involved in preparedness endeavors as well and loves to cycle and quilt in her free time.  She is married to David Nelson and their home is Boise Idaho.