Review of Prophecies & Promises by Jake Freeman of Telemoonfa Time


The following review of Prophecies and Promises was written by Jake Freeman of Telemoonfa Time.

Dear Readers,

I just finished reading Prophecies & Promises: The Book of Mormon & The United States of America by Bruce H. Porter and Rod L. Meldrum. It’s a book about the setting of The Book of Mormon. The geographic theory explained in Porter and Meldrum’s book has been dubbed, “The Heartland Model.”

After reading the book, I am now convinced that the ancient setting for the Book of Mormon was not Central America, as many LDS scholars claim, but was in fact North America. This goes against the grain of what a lot of latter-day-saints think, but hear me out:

Lehi, Nephi, Mormon, Moroni and other prophets of the Book of Mormon talk about the prophecies of “this land,” “this Promised Land”, etc. The demonstrative “this” makes it seem likely that the ancient prophets are referring to the land underneath their feet, not a land far distant. Nephi sees in prophetic vision the arrival of Christopher Columbus, the colonization of the Puritans and other pilgrims, the Revolutionary War, the founding of the United States, the establishment of the government, the coming forth of the Book of Mormon and the LDS Church… all on “this land.” Sooo… “this land” = North America, where the USA is.

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