The Smoking Gun of Book of Mormon Geography


Where did the idea that the Book of Mormon occurred in central America originate?  What historical evidence from Joseph Smith exists to support the many Mesoamerica theories regarding its geography?  Where did the Book of Mormon history actually take place and what did the Prophet Joseph Smith know about it, if anything? Is there a SMOKING GUN in Book of Mormon geography theories?


BYU law school graduate, former JAG attorney and author Jonathan Neville has conducted one of the most extensive and history clarifying researches on this subject which has culminated in one of the most important books relating to the location of the Book of Mormon history that has been written; a book that has finally laid to rest speculation about where our search for the evidence of the reality of the Book of Mormon.  The Lost City of Zarahemla reveals the influence on the Church of a little known character (and his accomplices) involved in originating the idea that the Book of Mormon occurred in Mesoamerica. As Church members learn about this critically important new historical information, this unheard of man is destined to become THE SMOKING GUN OF BOOK OF MORMON GEOGRAPHY…


– Read the online article: The Smoking Gun of Book of Mormon Geography.

– Download a printable PDF version for sharing with family and friends HERE.


– Watch the Panel Discussion from the Faith, Hope and Music fireside program, webcast on April 12, 2015.

Was Zarahemla Across from Nauvoo?

Hosted by Mike and Nancy James

Panel Discussion by Rod Meldrum (Moderator), Wayne May, Jonathan Neville, Jenny Curlee and Joe Abercrombie

Filmed at Brunson Brothers Studio in Orem, Utah.

Musical performance by John Sargent until video counter 11:30, panel discussion begins at 18:00.

Discussion Points:
1. D&C 125:3
2. Des Moines Rapids
3. Joseph Smith’s Revelations Regarding Book of Mormon Geography and Zarahemla
4. Evidence of Ancient Civilizations at Nauvoo (burial mounds)
5. Smith Family Cemetery located in Nephite Graveyard
6. Wayne’s Epiphany
7. Is Montrose, Iowa the Site of Ancient Zarahemla?
8. Artifact Evidence (Tony Sanders)
9. Was there a Temple at Zarahemla?
10. Mound Builder Evidence in Zarahemla
11. A Mound Builder Temple Site?
12. Procuring the Temple Site
13. Future Plans


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